Vudoo Gunworks: V-22 Barreled Action, .22 LR, LH, Gen3, 18" Kukri

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The V-22 receiver is like nothing else in existence. Mike Bush is the mastermind behind the creation of the V-22 action and footprint. There is no other action to the best of our knowledge that has been tweaked and redesigned quite as much as the Vudoo. The V-22 is one of the very few rimfire actions that is true to scale and will work with 700 accessories. Remington 700 chassis, triggers, and bottom metal are all compatible with this barreled action. The AICS form factor of the magazine means that you do not have to fumble getting the gun loaded. Being that the action is control round fed, you will not ding up the projectile. This makes for a much more consistent bullet flight. The dual extractors keep complete control of the cartridge from the time that it leaves the magazine until the brass is ejected. No part of the cartridge ever makes contact with anything that will damage it. There are not any feed ramps and the bullet is never angled in a way in which the geometry could be changed. Vudoo is able to hold tolerances to tenths of a thousandth of an inch on state of the art CNC machines. All parts of manufacturing a barreled action are done on CNC equipment from the barrel chambering to the oversized bolt knob. 


  • Kukri Contour
  • Left handed
  • 3rd Generation Action
  • 30 MOA action rail
  • Cerakote black finish
  • Chambered in .22 LR
  • Threaded 1/2x28
  • Large bolt knob
  • Includes one magazine



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Left Hand
18 inch
30 MOA