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The RIMX is a true to scale Remington 700 footprint rim fire action designed for training and competition. It includes features found in the Origin and TL3 actions; such as a pinned rail, bayonet-style fire control, swept bolt handle, and interchangeable bolt heads. Each bolt face features a non-protruding extraction system that allows for a flat breach face barrel to be installed without the need for timed extractor relief. This will make barrel interchangeability and installation easier than ever. The included RIMX magazine is machined from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat anodized for increased durability. The magazine is height adjustable by tuning the magazine catch, allowing users to fine tune the feed cycle. The design also includes an integrated feed ramp and a follower with easy to grab finger holds to make loading quick and easy.
Tactical Bolt Knob
30 MOA
Integrated recoil lug
Nitrided receiver and bolt body
DLC coated bolt head
Non-protruding, fixed extractor
6 o’clock position firing pin
Toolless, bayonet style fire control
(1) 10 round magazine


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