Accuracy International 0726: AT/AW .308 Magazine (10 Round)


Accuracy International 10 Round magazine for AI, AT, and AW rifles.

  • Manufactured from steel with special coatings for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Springs and followers are removable for cleaning.
  • Double Stack


  • AT .308 
  • AW .308
  • Aftermarket Chassis/Rem 700 Clone Actions with the "AW cut".



Magazine Restrictions 

This item may be restricted in your state. Please make sure it is legal in your area before purchase. Magazine Restrictions.




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    Outstanding! Great magazine

    I cannot guarantee that you will have the same results.

    The descriptions of these are a bit misleading on what they fit depending on where you buy them and thought I would I would take a chance and get one. I now have 5 and plan on more. Coupled with the MH pelican IM3200 with custom foam, all 5 fit perfectly in the case (one in the rifle). First off though, they do fit 11 rounds and with all 5 that is essentially an extra mag for barely no gain in weight. So then, here is what I experienced:

    What they fit: (for me anyway)

    My AI AE MKIII, AI AT, Tikka T3 with AI AICS, and AX AICS with Defiance action without any issues.

    I have had success with these fitting the Remington 700's in and AICS Chassis if you take a Dremel or mill and bevel the underside of the receiver on each side to make room for the mag lips. In my opinion, this does not compromise strength or integrity, but I am not a Remington engineer.

    Whatever you decide, the benefits are a top loading magazine just like an AR that doesn't burr or gouge your brass as well as give you an extra round and takes up much less room than the AICS 10 round mag. Just my opinion.

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    Good product , good service # !!!

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