Berger: 30 Cal, 245gr, Long Range Hybrid, 100/Box

BERGER : 30487
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The Berger Long Range Hybrid Target bullets (LRHT) boast a high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive profile that is Doppler Radar verified with less than 1% BC variation. A high Ballistic Coefficient is important for competitive shooting, but shot-to-shot consistency is the most critical aspect when engaging targets out to 1,000 yards and beyond. Utilizing advanced and proprietary manufacturing processes, Berger’s innovative Meplat Reduction Technology™ (MRT™) System applies controlled pressure along the projectile nose, producing a homogeneous and repeatable bullet profile for the industry’s most consistent Ballistic Coefficients (BC).


  • G1 BC: 0.846
  • G7 BC: 0.433
  • Minimum Twist (or faster): 1:9″Heaviest-in-class long range target bullet
  • Innovative Long Range Hybrid Ogive profile
  • Combination of Secant and Tangent shapes creates high BC that is still easy to tune and load to your rifle
  • Utilizes Meplat Reduction Technology to increase BC even further while also decreasing BC variation
  • Premium J4 Target bullet jacket for long range performance and reliability
  • Exacting manufacturing process that keeps bullet weight and shape consistent


.30 Cal