Berger 33794: 338 Cal 300gr Hybrid OTM Tactical, 250/Box

BERGER : 33794

Quantity: 250

G7 BC: 0.421

G1 BC: 0.822

Optimal Twist: 1:10"



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    One of the best options for a 338 Lapua Magnum

    One of the most consistent, well performing bullets available for a full length barrel chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum. I used these almost exclusively for my AXMC.

    A note to purchasers- Like all bullets, you will get some variations in weight out of the box. Using a laboratory balance, I have learned to expect some discards in my quest for consistency (I find greater weight inconsistencies over 300.05 and under 299.80 with this particular bullet. These go straight to my "practice" stock). To give you an idea of what to expect, here are my findings after several sorting sessions (measured weight versus % of bullets per box).

    Over 300.05- 15.9%
    300 to 300.05- 10.46%
    299.95 to 300- 12.34%
    299.90 to 299.95 - 21.76%
    299.85 to 299.90 - 17.99%
    299.80 to 299.85 - 14.44%
    Less than 299.80 - 7.11%

    Lasty, shout out to Mile High for some of the best pricing you will find on this product anywhere.