Hornady: 5.56 75 gr. BTHP T2 TAP Precision, 20/Box

Hornady : 8126N
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The T2 bullet profile is specifically designed to optimize function and feeding in M16/M4 variant guns. The cartridge’s propellant technology is custom designed to enhance weapon operation, and delivers phenomenal temperature stability. The 75 gr. BTHP T2 bullet is designed to deliver rapid incapacitation upon impact.NOT for use in 223 REM chambered guns. 


  • Ballistic Coefficient: (G1): .355 
  • Sectional Density: 0.214 
  • Recommended Rifling Twist Rate: Best terminal performance achieved in 1:7" to 1:9” twist 
  • Characteristics: Boat tail hollow point with cannelure
  • Muzzle Velocity out of a 16" DPMS Barrel: 2752
  • Energy out of a 16" 16" DPMS Barrel: 1261


  • 5.56 NATO
  • Match Grade Brass Composite

Powder & Primer:

  • Powder: Increased powder charge to NATO specifications and pressure peak, Temperature stable with flash retardant 
  • Primer: Staked primer pocket, Sealed primer, Small rifle milspec primer

Ammunition Restrictions by State

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This item is restricted in certain states. Please make sure you are familiar will all laws in your area. Ammunition Restrictions.