Hornady 80265: .223 Rem 75gr BTHP TAP, 20/Box

Hornady : 80265
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75 gr. BTHP TAP - Item No. 80265

This match accurate load is our heaviest TAP offering in 223 Rem. It can be used in 10.5" barrel firearms that have either a 223 Rem or 5.56 NATO chamber. The 75 gr. bullet offers deeper penetration than the 55 and 60 gr. TAP Urban bullets, yet still penetrates less than most law enforcement pistol bullets. This bullet penetrates barriers with minimal deflection and breakup, thus delivering more energy to the target. Whether fired through a barrier or not, this bullet generates very large and consistent wound cavities, serving as an ideal choice for 223 Rem sniper applications.


*Intended for LE and Military Use Only*

.223 Remington