Lapua 4317515: .308 167gr Scenar, 50/Box

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Lapua Ammunition - .308 - 167gr Scenar Box of 50 LU4317515

Popular and precise. Perhaps the most versatile target shooting cartridge, the .308 Winchester is one of the most popular centerfire calibers today. Lapua’s .308 Winchester is an excellent choice when you want a cartridge that is sure to perform across a range of disciplines in competition and hunting.
Lapua quality is appropriately certified as well as approved by several special forces and armies worldwide.  Long-term cooperation with different defense organizations helps them to understand the special requirements of the military and other professional users.  The goal is not to meet requirements but to exceed them.

Box of 50 rounds

All ammunition shipped via ground transportation.


.308 Winchester


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    top notch

    Posted by Harrison on Apr 19th 2021

    Can't believe the day I start using Lapua is because of ammo shortage lol. Since Federal gold metal 308 is over 2 dollars per round I definitely give a try on "cheap" Lapua. All in all as top notch competition level, just did not expect the brass is thicker than my pasta noodle for lunch! I believe using the same brass mass of Lapua, PMC can probably make a 300 win mag cartridge case.