MDT: M-LOK Exterior Forend Weights (Pair)

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Perfect for adding weight and balance to your rifle.

Adding weight to a rifle can cut down on recoil, allow one to self-spot their shots and balance their rifle. These weights mount on to the exterior of any chassis or stock that is M-LOK compatible. They mount using standard hardware and M-LOK T-nuts, meaning that you can install and remove them as necessary on your system. Each weight features a QD flush cup to accommodate a sling.


Balancing your rifle is important when it comes to making consistent shots. It gives you more control over your rifle, and produces predictable recoil making it much easier for you to take accurate and quick follow-up shots. The MDT M-LOK External Forend Weights can be placed strategically to tune the balance point of your rifle.


The heavier the rifle, the less recoil it will have. Technically, you could attach every weight imaginable to effectively eliminate recoil, but it may be a little tough to move. These weights are designed to be modular so you can have as much or as little weight as you need.


  • M-LOK Compatible

  • Modular design

  • Integrated QD Flush Cup option

  • Fits any chassis or stock with M-LOK slots

  • Requires at least 2 slots per weight


  • Case-hardened 1018 nitride steel

  • .35 lbs Each

  • .70 lbs Total