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The MV3 uses the same tried and true electronics and functions exactly the same as the previous models. The primary difference is the MV3 features a modular mounting system. The Picatinny mounting portion of the Send iT MV3 can be reversed for left hand configurations. When the Picatinny mounting portion is removed, a square boss with 5 holes will be exposed allowing LRA and other manufacturers to attach the Send iT MV3 a variety of mounts, rings, bases, and chassis. The outer four holes are tapped #4-40 which are used to hold the Send iT portion to the supplied Picatinny mount. The center hole is tapped for a #8-32 and may be used for additional mounts such as the LRA 90 degree bracket or the LRA to Spuhr 90 degree bracket.

While being mounted to a picatinny mount each LRA Send iT level is factory calibrated on multiple axis using 12 points. This calibration is completed for various mounting positions that the shooter may encounter. The factory calibration uses the 12 points of reference in an algorithm to ensure precision in a way that a standard level simply cannot. We have built in a user calibration mode that allows you to set the level true to your cross hairs. This mode can be set when you swap between rifles, and from multiple mounted positions! The Send iT level automatically recognizes and orients itself much like your smart phone orients the screen as you rotate your phone.

The levels “Green” LED indicates when the rifle is level and is 3-5 seconds faster than mechanical levels. 5 different sensitivity settings allowing the end user the flexibility to adjust to the precision needed for the task at hand. Send iT LED’s are superior in low light conditions and works with night vision/thermals scopes for no compromise tactical applications.

Battery check, Sleep Mode and a Tool-Less Battery Compartment ensures you will never lose power. The “Send iT” level comes with a low profile button head screw and 3/32" Allen wrench, in addition to the wing bolt for a tool-less on and off. Compatible with Picatinny and Weaver rails.

Requires .3" height clearance between the Picatinny rail and scope, and .83" width for mounting.


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    MDT send it level

    Posted by Taylor on Aug 16th 2023

    Bubble levels are cool but this is worth the money. Easy to move to rifle to rifle.