Safariland: Impulse Range Kit

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An ideal kit to ensure safety while shooting at indoor and outdoor ranges, Safariland’s Impulse Range Kit includes patent-pending Foam Impulse Hearing Protection, Ultra-Compact Earmuffs and HD Flex Protective Eyewear.




Foam Impulse Hearing Protection

  • Instantly Reduces Dangerous Sound Levels While Still Allowing Speech And Audio To Be Heard
  • Wear At All Times To Protect From Surrounding Gun Fire, Even When Not Shooting

Ultra Compact Earmuffs

  •  Use As Second Layer Of Protection Over Impulse Hearing Protection, Especially Indoors
  •  Compact Fold For Easy Storage

Hd Flex Protective Eyewear

  • Anti-Fog, Scratch-Resistant, Hd Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Adjustable Temple Angle And Length
  • Not For Use With Prescription Glasses