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The Dual Position Accessory Mount is a patented construction that gives the user a possibility to use various optical devices in dual position. It could be a camera, Night vision goggle behind a spotting scope, a magnifier or a Night vision goggle behind a sight.

The general idea is that the device can be used in both positions. The SM-100 device can, with a camera take overview photos when mounted on top of the spotting scope or it can be folded down to take detailed photos through the scope. With a magnifier, it can be used as an observation device on top of the sight, and it can be folded down to provide magnification through the sight.

The mount itself consists of very few parts and can be mounted on either the top of a picatinny rail or on the side of the main optic. It could also be delivered with customer made mounts suitable for their optics and needs.

As shown above it could for example be used together with the Aimpoint MPS.