Spuhr: SICS - Spuhr Ideal Chassis System, Black, 16" - Rem 700 LCP S/A, HBAR

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Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System™ - Modular Chassis System with Quick-Adjustable LOP and Recoil Pad Height

Designed for Remington 700 clones, such as the Cadex Defense CDX-R7 and similar actions, where the firing pin cocking piece has a lower travel than a standard Remington 700.

Will also fit short actions from: 

  • BAT Machine
  • Curtis Custom
  • KS Arms (Note: low bolt stops may require modification for clearance)
  • Surgeon Rifles
  • Terminus
  • Zermatt Arms/Bighorn Arms
  • Note: Actions with 60-degree bolt throw may not allow stock to be folded over closed bolt.

 16" HBAR Forend for bull barrels with profiles exceeding a Heavy Varmint profile. Max 32 mm/1.25" diameter. Does not have Spuhr Interfaces™ along the top of the forend.


  • Length: 975 mm/38.4” (685 mm/27.0” folded)
  • Width: 48.5 mm/1.9”
  • Height: 180 mm/7.1”
  • Weight: 2.37 kg/5.22 lb
  • Forend: 406 mm/16.0” HBAR
  • Color: Black

 The Spuhr® Ideal Chassis System™ (SICS™) is a modular chassis system, designed to provide a rigid support of the barreled action for improved accuracy. The SICS™ features: 

  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Folding stock assembly with adjustment for solid lockup
  • Quick-adjustable length-of-pull (50 mm/1.97” travel) and recoil pad height (32 mm/1.25”) – toolless and without play
  • Height and length-adjustable cheek piece
  • Length-adjustable proprietary pistol grip (8 mm/0.32” travel, AR-compatible)
  • 16” Spuhr Interface™ HBAR forend with integrated ARCA Swiss rail and QD sling cups
  • AICS pattern magwell - not for AI AX magazines
  • Built-in barricade stop

 Action: R700 Low Cocking Piece

 Forend: 16" Standard

 Color: Black Hardcoat Anodized


SICS Manual