Streamlight: Sidewinder Stalk - Includes Helmet Clip, Coyote

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Designed to minimize the number of illuminators an operator must carry, the low-profile Sidewinder Stalk® provides ultimate maneuverability, multiple mounting options, and a flexible stalk to aim the beam. Multi-fuel capability allows it to accept more than one battery type. Features visible white, multi-colored, and IR LEDs. In addition, a separate Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) switch lets you use both the main light and IFF when needed.

Features white, IR, red, blue, and green LEDs – all located in the head mounted on a flexible stalk – each with low, medium, high, and strobe modes along with an additional IR/IFF beacon

White LED output at 100%:
- High – CR123A: 76 lumens; 28m beam; runs 5.6 hours
- High – AA: 57 lumens; 23m beam; runs 6 hours (AA lithium) // 3.8 hours (AA alkaline)



  • 76 Lumens
  • Run Time: 5.6 Hours
  • Beam Distance: 28 Meters
  • Max Candela: 200
  • Battery: AA Alkaline, AA Lithium, CR123A Lithium
  • Length: 5.51 in
  • Weight: 2.88 - 3.20 oz