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The CB2BA adapter is designed to adapt the CB series muzzle brakes to accept the older BA series suppressors. This would permit mounting of BA series suppressor (30BA, 30BAS, and 338BA) on the CB series of brakes and flash hiders which were introduced summer 2014.


Installation Instructions

First, the inner threads of the BA suppressor must be cleaned thoroughly along their entire length. The female conical seating surface at the rear end of the suppressor must also be cleaned. Degrease these surfaces and make sure the outer threads and shoulder on the CB2BA adapter are also clean and dry.

Next, make sure the new adapter seats fully against the suppressor shoulder. The easiest way to do this is to use a Sharpie pen to make a small mark on the shoulder of the adapter. When it is screwed in fully, seated, and then removed, if you see ink transfer to the suppressor shoulder, you know it has good contact. Once this is established, clean off the marks.

Next, apply several drops of Red Loctite or other comparable permanent locking agent evenly around the outer threads on the CB2BA adapter. Screw the adapter in all the way until it seats and apply approx 15 foot-pounds of torque to seat it. Let the Loctite set for at least a day before shooting to ensure the adapter stays inside the suppressor.

Before shooting, ensure the firearm is completely unloaded and then do a visual inspection from the breech end of the barrel with the suppressor installed to make sure the suppressor is still mounted straight.