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TASK  “Tripod Attached Shit Keeper”

Brain child of Aaron Pickering and Adam Rehor with input from Mike Menchaca and Shawn Andrews.  This thing is built as tough as we can make it. The goal was to produce something useful for the all-day RO, competitive shooter, outdoorsman, and photographer.  Recently tested at this year’s Competition Dynamics Steel Safari, one of the most challenging rifle matches around, it proved to be a valuable addition to the standard load out.

What will it hold? Large Yeti rambler / 1L Nalgene bottle and anything smaller, 6 pens, whatever you want to hook onto the bottom of the cup holder and/or the three loops under the upper deck between the legs, as many moral patches you can fit on the 2” loop Velcro around the body and whatever you want to stick on the ¾” loop Velcro top side.  Grommets at each point also offers up some more attachment points.

Rubberized leg straps hold tight to the tripod so it won’t slide down when collapsed and the aluminum side release buckles make it easy to remove without undoing the straps.  Did we mention it has an inner shelf in the cup holder that is completely sealable which will prop up a can of pop or store some spent brass in the lower 1/3 of the cup holder; we tried to think of it all!