Traust Mini Rear Bag

Traust : Mini-MC
$57.50 - $61.53
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The Traust Rear Bag is a very simple, easily adjustable bag that forms a rock solid rear support for the butt of the rifle.  The bag is made of 500D Cordura and measures 9 x 6 x 4." It is very easy to adjust with a simple squeeze or release of the hand.  Weighing in at 4oz it won't slow you down in hike-and-shoot style matches.  The rear bag incorporates a lanyard that can be attached by weaving it through a sling, QD mount, or other attachment point on the butt.  The lanyard features a ¾” side release buckle at the bag end to detach it from the rifle when the shooter finds they need it elsewhere quickly-- until then it’s married to the rear and will travel with the rifle.  You’d be wise to snag a simple carabiner to take up the slack in the lanyard when hiking from one position to the next. Traust recommends a #3 Night Ize carabiner, just pop off the plastic locking slide. These work great with Traust Postional Bags and Traust Rear Bags!