Trijicon: HD XR™ Night Sights for S&W® M&P Shield, Shield Plus, Shield 2.0

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HD XR™ Night Sight Set — for Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD, M&P SHIELD Plus, and M&P SHIELD 2.0 
Front: Orange outline / green tritium, Rear: Black outline / Green Tritium
Fits the Smith & Wesson M&P® SHIELD™ .40, .45, and 9mm, M&P® SHIELD™ Plus, and M&P® SHIELD™ M2.0™ models (excludes M&P SHIELD™ EZ Series)


The Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sights were specifically designed with the ever evolving challenges of law enforcement agencies in mind. Building on the features of the current HD™ Night Sights, the Trijicon HD XR™ night sights are for the next level of advanced target identification and engagement at increased distances. A thinner front sight post allows shooters to have a larger field of view which further enhances the ability to identify targets, expedite engagements and see location of hits on target at longer distances. Pistol shooters that need the advantage of a more precise engagement in any light can count on the Trijicon HD XR™ Night Sights. 

Green lamps are warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture.

Professional installation recommended. Dimensions for reference only.




  • EXPANDED FIELD OF VIEW AND A PRECISION SIGHT PICTURE FOR LONGER-RANGE ENGAGEMENTS: Thin front post (.122 in. width) promotes a larger field of view for fast target identification and engagement at longer
  • ENHANCED FRONT SIGHT ACQUISITION IN BRIGHT, TRANSITIONAL AND NO-LIGHT SITUATIONS: Glow-in-the-dark, photoluminescent-painted front outline combines with a “U” notch rear and black-painted rear outlines to quickly draw your eye to the front post in all lighting conditions.
  • ONE-HANDED SLIDE MANIPULATION: Steeply hooked front surface to assist in an emergency, one-handed slide manipulation.
  • INSTANTLY VISIBLE SIGHT PICTURE IN NO-LIGHT AND LOW-LIGHT SITUATIONS: Tritium phosphor-filled glass lamp illuminates sights for high visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • ENHANCED PROTECTION FROM HEAVY RECOIL AND HARSH CLEANING SOLVENTS: Tritium gas lamps are contained within protective aluminum cylinders and have additional silicone rubber cushioning.
  • EVENLY DISTRIBUTED LIGHT FROM TRITIUM LAMPS: Each Trijicon® tritium lamp is capped with a sapphire jewel that helps evenly distribute the light and also acts as an additional layer of protection from puncture and cleaning solvents.


Blade Width (A)Blade Height (B)Overall Height (C)
0.122 in. 0.185 in. 0.252in.

Notch Width (D)Blade Height (E)Overall Height (F)
0.169 in. 0.262 in. 0.352in.