Vectronix Shooting Solutions

The story of Vectronix began more than 100 years ago in Switzerland as a manufacturer of optical surveying instruments. Since then, it has continuously evolved, providing its customers with the necessary tools to obtain the highest level of precision in acquiring geolocation data. 


Throughout the years, Vectronix has focused its expertise on military applications of its technologies, and today, they are the leading manufacturer of electro-optical devices and target acquisition systems for the most elite military units in the world. Vectronix's commitment to excellence has earned them the trust of the United States Armed Forces and numerous other NATO countries. Especially snipers have relied on the superior performance and durability of their products, such as the PLRF and the VECTOR product lines, for many years. 


When US soldiers who had employed Vectronix rangefinding devices during their service transitioned back to civilian life and started to compete in the growing sport of long-range shooting, many of them expressed a strong desire to continue utilizing Vectronix products. This inspired them to develop top-tier electro-optical devices tailored specifically for the most discerning long-range shooters and hunters. Vectronix Shooting Solutions was born.


Vectronix's primary objective is to assist its customers in achieving that elusive first-round hit and doing so quickly. Their cutting-edge products embody unrivaled performance, seamless integration with a diverse range of third-party devices and apps, and exceptional user-friendliness. They feature uncompromising quality and durability, reflecting their company’s long-standing background in the defense industry.

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Any rangefinding binocular is ultimately judged by its ability to reliably provide accurate distance measurements for challenging, far-away targets. With its 905 nm, class 1M laser engine, narrow beam divergence of only 1.5×0.1 MRAD, and fast scan mode (4 measurements per second), the VECTOR X sets new standards in the commercial market segment.


If ultimate range performance is what you demand from your rangefinding binoculars, the VECTOR X is the right tool for the job.

Safran-Vectronix Vector X Applied Ballistics

Applied Ballistics

Assisting you in achieving that elusive first-round hit is an integral part of Vectronixs mission. In addition to its formidable optics and powerful rangefinder, the VECTOR X is equipped with Applied Ballistics Elite on-board as a standard.

With more than 800 bullets in its library, Applied Ballistics Elite has quickly become the ballistics solver of choice for many elite military units worldwide. With a press of the range button, your VECTOR X displays a precise firing solution for your rifle setup on its HUD screen without target distance limitations.


Thanks to the revolutionary Active Matrix OLED display of the VECTOR X, the elevation value and two windage values fit on a single screen, significantly reducing the time required to adjust your riflescope and make the shot.


You can generate and adjust gun profiles using the Vectronix Shooting Solutions app and you can store up to 30 profiles on your VECTOR X itself. Toggle to the third HUD screen to verify swiftly the currently activated gun profile.

Range Enhancers

Over the years, Vectronix has delivered a significant number of military VECTOR rangefinding binoculars to the different branches of the US Armed Forces. Responding to their request for increased magnification, Vectronix developed optional screw-on Range Boosters, which increase the base magnification of the VECTOR by 40%. This accessory quickly gained popularity and became an immediate success. As Vectronix embarked on the development of the VECTOR  X, it became evident that a similar accessory that increases magnification would be an essential element they wanted to incorporate.

Etched Reticles

An etched reticle is an invaluable feature in a rangefinding binocular when calling hits at long distances. As a manufacturer of electro-optical devices for military applications, having an etched reticle implemented in the VECTOR X is part of Vectronix's DNA. For the VECTOR  X, two types of mrad-based reticles are available. They are designed by FinnAccuracy, renowned for their MSR series of reticles available for many top-tier riflescopes. The choice between these reticles depends on your main use case and whether you plan to use your VECTOR  X with the optionally available Range Enhancers. Both reticles feature an etched aiming mark, and the upper half of the field of view is unobstructed, which is especially important when glassing terrain.


The mrad-based Dual Magnification Reticle (MSR-DMR) is specifically designed for use in the VECTOR  X with installed optional Range Enhancers that increase its magnification by 40%. With the MSR-DMR the VECTOR X has a calibrated reticle for both magnification levels. The MSR-DMR consists of two reticle segments that are separated by the display in between. This distinct separation makes it easy and intuitive for users to choose the correct reticle segment when calling hits or making calculations. The right reticle segment of the MSR-DMR is to be used when the Range Enhancers are installed on the VECTOR  X. This segment takes into account the increased magnification provided by the Range Enhancers, allowing for accurate range estimation, holdovers, or any other calculations required. On the other hand, the left reticle segment is intended for use with the base magnification of the VECTOR X without the Range Enhancers installed. By incorporating the MSR-DMR into the VECTOR X, users can seamlessly switch between the two reticle segments based on whether they have the Range Enhancers installed or not. This ensures optimal performance and accuracy in various shooting scenarios.

Safran-Vectronix MRAD-Based Dual Magnification Reticle
Safran-Vectronix Single Magnification Reticle


The Single Magnification Reticle (MSR-SMR) of the VECTOR  X is also mrad-based. It caters specifically to users who prefer a clean and simplistic L-reticle design. Opting for the MSR-SMR does not restrict the use of the optional Range Enhancers. However, it is important to note that the hashmarks of the MSR-SMR are not magnified by the Range Enhancers when installed.Users should keep this in mind when using the MSR-SMR for calling hits when the Range Enhancers are installed on their VECTOR X.

Batteries and Battery Life

Vectronix designed the VECTOR  X with inherently low power consumption. Additionally, they deliberately selected CR123 batteries as its main power source for their longer runtime, which is 1.5 to 2 times that of CR2 batteries. Furthermore, CR123 batteries are widely available. 

But that‘s not all. The VECTOR  X is the first rangefinder on the market that can be powered by 18650 rechargeable batteries. To support this feature, the VECTOR X comes with an optional extended battery cap as part of the standard scope of delivery. With an 18650 battery, which can endure 300-500 charge cycles depending on the model, you can expect approximately 1.5 to 2 times longer runtime compared to a CR123 battery.

Safran-Vectronix Vector X battery information
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The RADICAL X is a rugged binocular, built to endure even the toughest usage situations. Equipped with an mrad-based reticle (msr-dmr), it is optimized for precisely calling shots. When tripod-mounted using the integrated adapter and with the optional range enhancers installed, it transforms into a formidable long-range spotting device.

Range Enhancers

The optional Range Enhancers increase the flexibility and range of use of the RADICAL X tremendously. With the Range Enhancers installed, your RADICAL X becomes a formidable long-range spotting device:


8×42 RADICAL X increases to 11×42
10×42 RADICAL X increases to 14×42


The MSR-DMR reticle is calibrated for both magnification levels, making it the perfect reticle for the RADICAL X with equipped Range Enhancers.

Optional Accessories

Vectronix has collaborated with renowned third-party manufacturers to offer specialized optional accessories for your RADICAL X to enhance it capabilities.

Really Right Stuff (RRS) provides a dedicated mounting plate designed exclusively for the RADICAL X (and VECTOR X) as an optional accessory. Equipped with a 1.5” RRS dovetail plate, it securely attaches to the tripod interface of the RADICAL X. The advanced mechanism of the RRS mounting plate enables precise alignment of the RADICAL X, adjusting optimally based on the degree to which the center hinge is folded. It is available at RRS SOAR or through VECTRONIX SHOOTING SOLUTIONS retail partners.


The M46x0.75 front objective threads of the RADICAL X are designed to attach specialized accessories, allowing for the installation of Range Enhancers that increase the magnification of the RADICAL X by 40%. Another screw-on accessory are the optionally available Anti-Reflection Devices (ARDs) made by the Canadian manufacturer Tenebræx that effectively block glint and stop reflections. This high quality accessory is equipped as standard with sturdy flip caps that can be rotated a full 360 degrees.