Accuracy International: The Green Meanie L96A1 Book by Steve Houghton, forward by Dave Walls

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The Green Meanie L96A1 Book by Steve Houghton, forward by Dave Wells

The Green Meanie traces the roots, the development, and the distinguished service career of the L96A1 sniper rifle. This fascinating story, meticulously researched and lavishly illustrated by author Steve Houghton, is one of British ingenuity succeeding against all odds.

The revolutionary L96A1 rifle helped to rewrite the rules of modern military sniping. In important British Army theatres of engagement of the late 20th century such as Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Green Meanie (as the L96A1 became known) played a crucial role. The weapon’s accuracy, range and usability gave the army a reason to refocus on the importance of the sniper and that process is traced in detail in this book.

This book is also a story of British engineering success. With first-hand recollections from many of the key protagonists, it shows how a small independent engineering business, Accuracy International Ltd, was able to take on established multi-national arms


LIMITED PRINT RUN - This beautifully prepared book is limited to a print run of 2000 collector edition copies and will serve as a reference centre for the sniping history enthusiast and collector alike. Signed by Steve Houghton.

ISBN: 9781527274617


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    Great Read

    Posted by AL on Apr 18th 2023

    This is definitely a great read if you’re a fan or owner of an AI. Very well written and organized history.

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    AI "Green Meanie L96A1" book

    Posted by James Lewis Marsal on Jan 1st 2023

    Excellent, well-written book with plenty of rare photographs I've never seen before on the subject. It really helps me understand how AI got started and how they designed the AI rifles. Highly recommend it if you're interested in AI rifles and history.