APA: Gen 2 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake - .264, 9/16x24

American Precision Arms (APA)
Micro GEN II 9/16X24 .264cal
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Gen 2 Micro Bastard Muzzle Brake
The Micro was conceived with sportier weight barrels in mind. However, this brake has gained popularity in the “AR” market as it is both lighter and more effective than most every brake in the 3-gun world. The Gen 2 Series of brakes started where the Gen 1 left off, adding a separate nut allowing the brake to be self-timing. This allows users to install the brake themselves at home. Installations take about 30 seconds and have no hideous crush washers or peel washers to deal with.  Additionally, competitive shooters can easily remove this brake for cleaning or simply to move if from barrel to barrel.  Competitors can burn through 6 barrels or more in a season at times. This means less money spent on gear and with your smith. To the gunsmith it means no hassle indexing a brake.  Simply thread to spec and go.

Intended for light contour barrels 

Recommended a barrel diameter:  .600 - .750"

Brake Diameter: 0.750"

Overall length: 1.86"

Weight: 1.8 oz