Hornady 86265: 12Ga 2-3/4in TAP Reduced Recoil 00 Buck, 10/Box


Hornady TAP® Reduced Recoil™ (blue hull) is a lower-velocity load designed primarily for pump action shotguns. It comes loaded in a blue hull with a load delivering a velocity of 1,100 fps out of a 30" test barrel.

NOTE: Hornady has color coded hulls for both loads. The Reduced Recoil load has a blue hull (Blue for Cool) and the Light Magnum® has a red hull (Red for Hot).




*Intended for LE and Military Use Only*



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  • 5
    Best defense

    Best round available for the REM Tac 14", ultra-manageable and excellent delivery!

  • 5
    Super light

    I run these in my beretta 1301. I’m sure many semi autos can’t run these but the beretta does with zero problems and feels like your running 1 oz bird shot. Super light recoil

  • 5
    Self Defense

    I like the 12 gauge TAP ammo. Shoots accurate, low recoil. Perfect ammo for the shockwave shotguns.

  • 5
    love this stuff great well made ammo

    I have used Hornady Ammo for 40 years and it's just the best that I have ever tried and they always have a very reasonable price!!!! Love this stuff best shooting most accurate and the ability to stop animals dead in there tracks when hunting !