Area 419: ARCALOCK Rail - For AI AX Rifles/Chassis

Area 419
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The ARCALOCK Rail for Accuracy International AX Rifles & Chassis is a bolt-on rail replacement/modification. The AI plastic grip is removed from the chassis and replaced with a rail that runs from the magwell to the end of your forend at a gradual slope of 5 degrees. This is enough to cover the forend attachment “spine” but does not negatively impact the way the rifle shoots or handles. Holes are also threaded at each end of the rail for security stops (to keep anything from accidentally sliding off) and a flush-cup for sling attachment when shooting from a tripod.

SHORT Rail Length - For Short Action AX Rifles & Chassis (13") forend. Will not work with the AXMC/AX LA Chassis (16") forend. 

Material: 6061 Aluminum and hardcoat anodized.

Weight: 11 oz. , Barricade Stop: 2 oz.

- Includes a barricade stop that can be installed in front of the magwell to protect a magazine when pushed up against a shooting/support bag. 



*Rail is only locking with an Area 419 clamp*