Barloc Quick-Change Barrel Device (1-1/16", w/o lug)

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American Rifle Company’s Barloc is a device that enables one to remove and re-install a barrel using only a 5/32″ hex key and a head space gage. It is superior to competing products because it actually preloads the barrel thread promoting long term receiver-barrel joint stability.


-90 lbf-in (10 Nm) of torque applied to the 10-32 clamping screw results in a barrel thread pre-load requiring approximately 100 lbf-ft (136 Nm) of torque to loosen!

-Designed for use with barrels having shoulders and shank diameter is 1.200 and 1.250 inches.

-Barrel must be threaded specifically for use with either the lugged or lug-less version of the Barloc.

-Four thread sizes are currently available.

-Intended for use with either recoil lugged or lug-less actions.

-Made from hardened steel

-Manganese phosphate and oil finish

-Weight: 3 0unces (86 grams)

-Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA.


**This Barloc has a thread diameter of 1-1/16", without Recoil Lug.

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