Berger 30107: 30 Cal 185gr Juggernaut OTM Tactical, 100/Box

BERGER : 30107

Quantity = 100 

G7 BC = 0.283

G1 BC = 0.560

For 1 in 12" Twist or Faster



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  • 5
    Great bullet for competition

    Posted by Gilberto Padilla on Oct 12th 2017

    Use this for PRS style matches in my 308 with Varget. Getting 2680fps, excellent accuracy, less drop and drift than my 175 SMKs.

  • 5
    Awesome accuracy

    Posted by Anonymous on Sep 29th 2016

    I have a 20" HB with a 1-10" twist and it absolutely loves these bullets. Didn't think I could fins anything better than a 175gr SMK but this is it. Easily sub MOA accuracy and they buck the wind like crazy.