MagnetoSpeed: XFR Adapter

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The XFR adapter and associated smartphone application allows users with Magnetospeed Sporter or V3 displays to download their current (and archived for V3) shot series to their Android or iOS device. Users can store, view, edit, and email multiple series once they have been transferred to their phone. The app can also be used to reconfigure the display settings (units and sensitivity level), and clear the display's current series. Additional features and improvements are on-going. XFR is NOT compatible with V1 or V2 displays. To use the XFR adapter with your V3 unit, please make sure your firmware is up to date.


For Android devices: Visit Playstore or search for "MagnetoSpeed" in the PlayStore.

For iOS devices: Appstore

For use with V3 displays, you must first update firmware to version V.3.0.03