Masterpiece Arms: EVG Enhanced Vertical Grip

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MPA's injection molded vertical grip is designed for the MPA BA Chassis system. The grip design includes a true vertical interface with the rifle, an enlarged palm swell, trigger finger support rest and the enhanced thumb notch.

The grip also comes with our special grip tape for improved contact.

The interface with the rifle is a standard A2 type, so the grip, with potential minor modifications, should fit onto other rifles, carbines and chassis that utilize an A2 Grip.

Since the grip is a solid injection molded component, it can be modified without sacrificing the strength and integrity of the part. So if you need to polish, grind, sand or another method of modification, you wont hurt the grip. Just be careful not to remove too much.

This grip will fit on the BA Lite and BA-CZ455 Chassis. However, there will be a slight gap between the thumb notch on the grip and the chassis.