Proof Research: .308, Carbon Fiber Blank, Sendero, 1-8 Twist, 26"

Proof Research
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By designing a bolt action barrel blank, PROOF Research has opened up countless options for chambering in your favorite caliber and having the ability to fit a large variety of actions. PROOF Research bolt-action barrels are available in a variety of calibers, lengths, contours and twist rates. Your bolt-action barrel will arrive ready for thread and chamber by your gunsmith.

This is especially true for wildcat cartridges that have no standardized chamber, cartridge design or pressure limits. PROOF Research’s barrels have been designed for safe operation with the vast majority of known cartridges and within SAAMI and CIP pressure limits. 



  • Lightweight - Up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels of similar contour.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance - Improved heat dissipation for cooler and longer lasting barrels.
  • Unprecedented Durability - Wrapped with high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fiber impregnated with a proprietary matrix resin.



  • Caliber: .308
  • Twist: 1 - 8
  • Shank: 1.20"
  • Breech Length: 2.5"
  • Length: 26"
  • Contour: Sendero
  • Weight: 3lb, 3oz
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*Wildcat Disclaimer: PROOF Research’s barrel blanks may be finished with a wide variety of custom chambers for standardized or wildcat cartridges per the gunsmith’s and end user’s preferences. As such, there is no guarantee of performance in terms of accuracy, muzzle velocity or bullet stability.
Carbon Fiber
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