Really Right Stuff: Anvil-30 ARC Ball Head w/R-LOCK (No Adapter)

Anvil-30 ARC Ballhead (no Adapter)
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The Anvil-30 ARC Ball head is purpose-built for heavy equipment support from the ground up. The patent-pending dual clamp system is able to clamp both the RRS Dovetail standard and Picatinny rails in the same unit. The Anvil-30 ARC is as rigid as a leveling base but articulates while minimizing the limitations of each system. The R-LOCK feature in the clamp is a 5mm pin that mates with corresponding R-LOCK holes in the rail. The pin is spring-loaded to automatically engage the R-LOCK holes or be pushed down by non-R-LOCK rails, making it compatible with a wider range of “arca-type” rails. The user also has the option to disengage the pin at their discretion for rapid re-positioning. 
The advantage of the System is the user has multiple “hard-stop” positions along the rail while retaining smooth edges and corners for maximum ergonomics and a snag-free interface that is inherently resistant to wearing down. The ”hard-stop” feature is comprised of a 5mm diameter steel pin that engages 5.5mm diameter holes in the rail. In addition to supplementing the traditional friction-based clamping mechanism, the interface prevents unintentional repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the R-LOCK is engaged.
  • Adjustable clamp jaw allows compatibility with many other arca-type rails that are not in spec with the RRS 1.5" Dovetail Standard
  • Patent Pending Dual lever-release clamp for fast and easy mounting on RRS Dovetail and Picatinny sections
  • Ergonomic design gives superior handling and unsurpassed reliability
  • Stronger, lighter, faster than anything we have seen on the market
  • Re-positionable lever-release for a variety of situations
  • Highly-visible level embedded in both front and back sides of the main ball body for left and right-handed users
  • Laser-engraved millimeter scale offers precise centering and positioning within the clamp jaw
  • All components are of the finest RRS quality, machined from solid aircraft aluminum or stainless steel for maximum durability and minimum weight


  • Load Capacity: 35 ft-lbs/  kg
  • Height: 2.67"/ 6.78cm
  • Width: 2.51"/ 6.37cm
  • Length: 2.85"/ 7.23cm
  • Ball Diameter: 30mm
  • Tripod Mount: 3/8"-16
  • Weight: 15.2oz/ 433g


Note: Removing the R-Lock butterfly latch and index pin will allow for similar function as the Gen 1 Anvil.


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    The best for quick deployments.

    Posted by John S. on May 30th 2022

    I have owned two Anvil 30 heads and prefer it because of its two levers, the one that operates the rail clamp and the large one that adjusts the clamping force on the ball. Both levers are easy to operate and are quicker to use than the more common clamping screws. The lever that sets the ball tension can be adjusted for maximum force in different positions; I like it to be almost fully closed. Despite the small size of the ball, it securely holds a 12-pound rifle in position even when not perfectly balanced. A feature that is unique to this head as far as I know is that it is usable with both Arca-Swiss and Picatinny rails. That alone can be a significant money saver by eliminating the need for adapters with different guns.