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PARENT RO HAD Suppressor Cover 9"
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Rifles Only is excited about the HAD (Heat Abatement Device) Suppressor Cover. This cover works for both heat abatement and mirage. The HAD is a two-part cover which is a bonus, and can take more heat than our MAD cover. The inner core will take up to 3000 degrees sustained. The outer sleeve will take up to 2000 degrees and is interchangeable so that you can change the cover to go with the environment in which you are in...or even whatever mood you are in. The outer sleeve will hold up to semi-auto fire, rapid fire, and full auto fire. We recommend that you do not get crazy on your Mag dumps. The weakest part of this higher heat rated cover is its outer sleeve that wraps around the inner core, however it can take semi-auto, rapid fire and full auto fire, with its 2000 degree rating, keeping in mind even your suppressor does have a heat limit before failure. If you do push the cover too hard and have worn out the outer sleeve or it's been a while since your last HAD purchase and your outer sleeve is worn out, you can order just the replacement outer sleeves here on our website.  Another great feature is that you can purchase the HAD outer sleeve as well as the MAD outer sleeve to work on the inner core and switch them out depending on what type of gun your suppressor is going on.

The HAD covers will fit suppressors from 1.3" up to 2" in diameter.

Please measure your suppressor before ordering. If you have a qd mount, or a muzzle brake/external baffles at the front, do not include that in your measurement as you do not want to cover those. *never order a cover that is longer than your suppressor**, always round down on cover size when you're in-between sizes.