Rifles Only: Fatty Suppressor Pouch, Small

PARENT RO Fatty HH Suppressor Pouch SM
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Rifles Only high heat suppressor pouch, The Fatty, is designed with a larger diameter than most suppressor pouches so it can be used with the suppressor cover still on the suppressor. The fatty’s diameter is about 2.75”-3” depending on which way you measure it across the top. The Fatty will fit up to a 2” suppressor with one of Rifles Only covers on it (i.e: the HAD/Skinny/MAD), snugly.

Made to fit the Rifles Only MAD, HAD, or Skinny, it can fit other suppressor covers as well.

Many of you like to remove your suppressors after shooting, or it is required by a range, this will give you a solution to put your suppressor in without having to remove the cover, and be able to throw it in your backpack or your car without having to worry about melting anything. The inside of the Fatty pouch is lined with the same high heat material that's on the inside of the Rifles Only HAD cover's outer sleeves and can take about 2,000 degrees of heat.

The small Fatty Suppressor Pouch will fit suppressors 5-7" in length.

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