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PARENT RO Skinny Suppressor Cover 7"
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Rifles Only is excited about "The Skinny" suppressor cover. Rifles Only originally designed this cover to fit over smaller diameter suppressors and immediately realized it would be a good one for all sized suppressors. It is made very similar to our HAD yet it does not have the inner core that is used with our MAD and HAD's but can still take a decent amount of heat for being a lighter option single piece cover. It will fit 1" up to 2" diameter suppressor. The skinny can be unlaced and used as a suppressor cloth as well. Fully automatic fire is not recommended for this cover and will not be covered under warranty. Rifles Only have used this cover in high rates of fire and it has held up great and cuts mirage. Obviously Rifles Only asks you to be sensible and use the cover wisely. The Skinny is designed for Bolt guns, however we do have customers that have used it on semi-auto's that don't have high rates of fire/mag dumping.

The Skinny covers will fit suppressors from 1" to a 2" Suppressor, with obviously a little more overlap on a 1" smaller suppressor.

Please measure your suppressor before ordering. If you have a qd mount, or a muzzle brake/external baffles at the front, do not include that in your measurement as you do not want to cover those. *never order a cover that is longer than your suppressor**, always round down on cover size when you're in-between sizes.