Spuhr A-0032: Picatinny Rail

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A-0032 Picatinny rail


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    Perfect fit and finish.

    Posted by John C on Mar 11th 2018

    Just mounted this on the top forward position on the Spuhr ISMS. I plan on running a red dot sight eventually. It installed easy and looks great. I’m sure it will perform like all other Spuhr products... perfect.

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    Excellent accessory rail for the Spuhr ISMS

    Posted by Tom Zeman on Aug 8th 2015

    I have one of these mounted on the top front position of the Spuhr ISMS, and have an Aimpoint T1 attached to it. The 14mm height of the part was perfect for getting a clear view through the Aimpoint, over the top of the 58mm objective of my US Optics 5-25x. The length gave me enough room to mount a US Optics anti-cant device aft of the Aimpoint. [Why a red dot on a scoped rifle? Two reasons. If you're zoomed all the way out and a target pops up at short range, it's quicker to just look over the top of the scope. I have the T1 zeroed for 100 yards. Also, you can use it like a finder scope on a telescope. Instead of zooming out, finding the target, then zooming back in, just put the dot on the target, then drop down to your scope. You'll at least be pretty close.] This rail was the perfect height and length for the task I was looking to accomplish. The quality is the usual Spuhr excellence.