Spuhr R-300: HK-MP5 Stock Adapter for M4-type Stocks

Current Stock:
Makes the MP5 stock adjustable in length from 50mm (2") shorter to about 40mm (1.5") longer, and also raises the cheek piece and butt plate around 20mm.

The stock adapter is optimized for medium height optical sights and is designed to work with any Mil Spec or Commercial Receiver Extension and castle nut (neither receiver extension nor castle nut are included.) Features two QD sling cups in the rear plane of the adapter. Use of the original open sights is not possible due to the high comb height. This stock adapter can also be used without a receiver extension if the user wants to convert his firearm into a pistol or PDW format without a stock, using only a sling.


Butt stock, AR-15 recoil tube and castle nut not included

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