Surefire: SOCOM SPS Suppressor

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The new Surefire SPS SOCOM suppressor reduces flash by 99% while also vastly reducing recoil and sound. This beast also reduces the dust signature of the shooter. The integral muzzle brake helps to incease the rate at which the shooter can recover from the recoil impulse of large caliber rifles. The SOCOM50 SPS is designed and engineered to exacting tolerances and test fired to ensure sub - MOA accuracy. Precision manufacturing tolerances, attention to bore concentricity and suppressor alignment produce the most accurate .50 - caliber suppressor available. This suppressor is constructed from a variety of stainless steels alloys and made here in the USA.

  • Delivers up to 99 percent flash reduction to conceal the shooter’s location
  • Significant sound and dust signature reduction
  • Tight tolerances and bore concentricity result in excellent accuracy
  • Stainless steel construction