Accuracy International

Accuracy International (AI) is known for providing high-quality, long-range precision rifles for military, law enforcement, and civilian use. At the heart of these rifles, the revolutionary Accuracy International Chassis system ensures consistent performance in a variety of conditions. They also produce proprietary magazines, stocks, and more! This world class manufacturer holds the title of having the best sniper rifle in the world, and the track record to prove it. Shop our selection of AI products below! 

Mile High Shooting is the largest Accuracy International distributor in the world and the only Certified Service Center in the USA. If you don't see the rifle configuration you are looking for, we have it! Call us at (303) 255-9999.

About Accuracy International

Accuracy International’s major claim to fame is the production of the L96 Sniper Rifle and Arctic Warfare variants issued by the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces. Originally founded in 1978, Accuracy International was a collaboration among Dave Wells and David Caig (the gunsmiths of the group) and Malcolm Cooper (a gold medalist in various rifle competitions).

In 2005, Wells and Caig would buy out Accuracy International and continue to produce some of the world’s most durable, accurate, and reliable sniper rifles. This dedication to quality has led to Accuracy International rifles being used in over 60 countries by prestigious military and law enforcement agencies.

Accuracy International Rifles

Accuracy International rifles come in a variety of calibers to meet the needs of the end user. Whether this is intermediate rounds, full-powered cartridges, or magnum loads Accuracy International has a rifle in the caliber you want for long-distance and precision shooting.


The AI AXSR is derived from Accuracy International’s submission to the Advanced Sniper Rifle program for USSOCOM.

The AXSR gives a modern feel to an already state-of-the-art weapon. With a similar system to Accuracy International’s AXMC, this rifle features a multi-caliber platform with top-tier features, most notably the ambidextrous, 2-position safety, and pistol grip. The QUICKLOC barrel release housing makes changing barrel lengths incredibly simple. The ability to adjust the cheekpiece position, length of pull, and butt pad configuration allows this rifle to conform to the user for maximum customization and a truly personal feel.


This addition to the Accuracy International Rifles family is part of a three-rifle system designed for precision rifle competitors and is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Those who have shot the two other rifles in this series, the AT and AX, will have almost no learning curve with the Accuracy International AT-X.

It features a 2-stage competition trigger with a 1.5-2.75 lb spring installed but can be changed for a light trigger if preferred. Wing nuts for rapid length of pull adjustments and oversized cutaway magazine wells allow for smoother on-the-fly adjustments and changes, while a 3-position safety allows for safe bolt manipulation if needed. This rifle has a fixed stock from the factory, and AI has a folding stock conversion set to be released later this year.


The Accuracy International AX rifle series is the most customizable of Accuracy International’s newer chassis. This rifle has multiple calibers; chambered in .308, .300 Winchester Magnum, or .338 Lapua magnum, the barrels can be converted in minutes with the QUICKLOC system.

Regardless of the caliber, this addition to a proven line of sniper rifles is reliable and combat-ready. Blowback is dispersed through a double-chamber muzzle brake and can accommodate a suppressor if desired. It has an adjustable butt stock and cheekpiece, in addition to being able to fold to the right-hand side of the rifle. A bipod mount, Picatinny rail, and KeySlot™ mounts are all featured on the AX forend.


The Accuracy International AT is, in a way, a prodigal son of the AW308 after a culmination of input from law enforcement and civilian tactical shooters. This long-range, rugged, and reliable rifle is chambered in .308/7.62 NATO, weighs a whopping 12.6 pounds empty, and can be upgraded to a folding stock to create an even more compact and mission-adaptable weapon. The AT’s 60-degree bolt and one-piece extractor minimizes hangups and sets a new standard in the realm of precision tactical rifles that isn’t easily met.


The Accuracy International AX ELR is modeled and crafted after the AW50 and designed to withstand entire battles with reliability and easy maintenance. The AX ELR is chambered in .50 BMG, but Accuracy International plans to release .375 and .408 ChevyTac conversions in the near future.

The QUICKLOC barrel system will allow simple and even on-the-fly conversions, a great compliment to the quick-adjusting butt and cheek piece. This firearm also features a right folding stock, a two-stage trigger maxing out at 4.4 lbs, and will keep consistent and accurate shots even under the harshest conditions.


The Accuracy International LE is the law enforcement edition of popular and proven Accuracy International rifles. The AT LE is everything the Accuracy International AT rifle is, with the additional option of a 16.5-inch or 20-inch barrel and skeletonized stock, exclusive to active duty or retired law enforcement and military personnel.

The AX LE is chambered for .308 Winchester with a 20-inch barrel but can easily be converted to a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. Accuracy International’s two-stage trigger features a large trigger guard for tactical advantage in colder weather and also has the option for a competition trigger conversion.

More AI Products

AI Chassis Systems

The Accuracy International chassis systems have been revolutionary in the commercial market. They are designed for quick and easy barrel swaps, and depending on the chassis series (either AX or AT) you will have multiple mounting options for accessories using the KeySlot™ mounting slots or Picatinny options.

The AX, AT, and AICS Chassis are able to accommodate long and short-action REM 700, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua. There are fixed and folding options with adjustable cheek pieces and buttpads. The SR chassis, in particular, features an RRWS dovetail and barricade stops for a more personal configuration and tactical reliability. The blend of polymer and alloy provides rigid strength that withstands extreme temperature changes and heavy use while maintaining unparalleled accuracy.

All stock adjustments are designed to be toolless, allowing for secure adjustments in the field without the need for additional equipment.

AI Magazines

Accuracy International magazines are caliber-specific, proprietary magazines designed to be used with Accuracy International rifles. They are built to be reliable in any conditions that an AI rifle might be used in, making them favored magazine options for custom rifles. One of the most common variations of these magazines is the AICS which is designed for short action cartridges.

AI magazines ranged from .223 up to .50 BMG and predominantly feature .30 caliber rounds in addition to magnum loads.

Coated steel prevents corrosion and ensures reliable and rapid magazine changes. Single and double-stack options are available at 5, 8, and 10-round capacities.


Accuracy International Magazines have groups that can interchange amongst themselves.

  • AT-X and AX
  • AXSR, AXMC, and ELR
  • AE, AW, and AT
  • AT and AICS
  • AX chassis magazines are stand alone

AI Barrels

Accuracy International barrels are designed to be quickly swapped out of the AI chassis. This is achieved with a hex key and a change of the bolt body and the magazine to match the barrel’s caliber. AI barrels allow for one rifle to be adjusted to the situation without having to purchase an entire secondary rifle.

The Accuracy International barrel assortment is impressive in quality and ease of maintenance. The widest variety of options are for .308 win and 6.5 Creedmoor, but we also stock 6mm Creedmoor, .300 PRC, and 6.5 PRC, to name a few.

Barrel lengths vary from 16.5 inches to 27 inches, depending on short and long action shooting, and all work seamlessly with the AI QUICKLOC barrel release system. WIN Tactical and PROOF Research both manufacture barrels for AI and are located in the U.S.

Other Products

We also carry other Accuracy International products including

Accuracy International FAQs

Where are Accuracy International products made?

Accuracy International's Headquarters and manufacturing base is in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. In the U.S., Fredericksburg, VA, is home to the U.S. manufacturing base and has been since 2009.

Who makes Accuracy International barrels?

WIN Tactical and PROOF Research, Inc. manufactures barrels for the AI platform. PROOF Research specializes in a carbon-fiber-wrapped pre-fit barrel designed to drop into the AI Chassis system for quick and easy installation. WIN Tactical is the only licensed barrel manufacturer for AI in the United States.

How accurate are Accuracy International rifles?

Accuracy International rifles often shoot between .5 and .75 MOA when properly sighted in and below 1 MOA after a quick barrel change. For skilled riflemen and competitions, expect below .5 MOA accuracy in favorable conditions.

Are Accuracy International products sold in the USA?

Yes. Accuracy International products are sold in the United States. Mile High Shooting is the largest distributor of AI products and the only certified Service Center in the USA.

About Mile High Shooting

Mile High Shooting is owned and operated by Randy and Diann Pennington. They have been in business for over 30 years serving the needs of retail and sports shooters alike. As a Disabled Veteran that served in Vietnam, Randy holds a deep appreciation for those who serve their country in the military.

They ensure that Mile High Shooting is the one stop place for everything a shooter may need. Whether it’s a zero compromise scope or something that will improve the performance of their firearm, they will make sure they have it for you so you can make your improvements stand out.