Area 419: Complete V3 Accessory Kit for A&D FX Scales

Area 419
AREA 419 Complete V3
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Accessory Upgrade kit for Autotrickler V3
NOTE: This DOES NOT include a Scale, Trickler, Powder Thrower, or the Electronic Controls.
  • Improved Billet Adjustable Base for Auto Trickler V2/V3
  • Billet Powder Cup for Autotrickler 
  • Auto Trickler Self-Centering Tray for A&D FX Scales 
  • Auto Trickler Straw Replacement 
  • Pyrex Hopper with Shutoff Valve for Lee Perfect Powder Measure (Autothrow) 
  • Lexan Lid for A&D FX Scales


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