Berger 37407: 375 Cal 407gr ELR Match Solid Bullets, 50/Box

BERGER : 37407
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Extreme Long Range shooting (ELR) to distances of two miles and beyond has taken the firearms community by storm. With many of its roots developed from Elite Military Sniper and Special Forces rifle training exercises, ELR enthusiasts are utilizing cutting-edge rifle and ammunition technology to engage targets at distances previously unheard of. As with all other long-range rifle disciplines, Berger has taken the lead with pioneering ELR as well. New Berger ELR Match Solid Projectiles, a brainchild of Berger?s chief ballistician, Bryan Litz, are precision lathe-turned solid copper bullets with an optimized VLD ogive design for extreme long-range accuracy.


Grain 407
Product Line VLD
Ogive Style Secant (VLD)
Base Style Boat Tail
G1 BC 1.022
G7 BC .523
G7 Form Factor 0.79
Minimum Twist Rate 1:8"
Boat Tail Length  .3
Sectional Density 0.413
Diameter 0.375
OAL 2.347
Base to Ogive 0.715
Nose Length 1.132
Bearing Surface 0.415