Berger Ammunition: 6mm Creedmoor 109gr LR Hybrid, 20/Box

BERGER : 20030
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Berger Long Range Hybrid TargetTM ammunition features Berger’s high BC, jump-tolerant hybrid ogive LRHT bullet, which is Doppler verified to less than 1% BC variation. It’s assembled with the very best commercially available components, such as Lapua cartridge cases and clean-burning, temperature insensitive propellants. Each cartridge is meticulously constructed to the same exacting tolerances competitive long-range shooters and extreme accuracy enthusiasts have come to expect from Berger.


G1 BC:  .655

G7 BC:  .336

Muzzle Velocity: 2950

Muzzle Energy: 2107

Mimimum Twist: 1:8

Product Line: Long Range Hybrid Target

Part Number: 20030

6mm Creedmoor