Borka PTL053K-MHSA: Borka 6.0 Nm/53 inch-lbs. Torque Limiter Set

PTL053K-MHSA (PTL-060-NM-MHSA kit)
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Borka Tools PTL (Precision Torque Limiter) offering is based on use of compact, industrial-type torque limiting device, which is calibrated in accordance with ISO-6789 procedures. Practical accuracy of calibration is typically much higher than typical +/- 6% or +/- 4%, and is often found to be within +/- 2%.  Mountz Inc., one of the premier torque tool companies in the world, also offers similar PTL unit for industrial applications, which is a testament of its high quality construction, accuracy, consistency and reliabilty. Each PTL has its individual serial number and matching certificate of calibration. It is preset to specific torque limiting value in both CW and CCW directions of rotation, calibrated in CW rotation and is not user adjustable to other torque values.

Special note: Torque preset in CCW rotation serves as its purpose to prevent any mechanical damage to PTL internal torque limiting mechanism, if PTL is used to loosen the fasteners. It is advisable, in general, not to use torque tools to loosen fasteners, only to tighten them. However, for practical purposes, PTL may be used to loosen fasteners without negative consequences, but only if fasteners were originally tightened with the same PTL, and if fasteners are not seized due to various factors, which may take place over extended period of time, including, for example, corrosion in the threads. Otherwise, just use included ratchet drive handle or any other suitable tool to loosen the fasteners.

Warning: Avoid driving the PTL with relatively high RPM power equipment, as this may cause excessive wear of torque limiting mechanism and negatively influence PTL accuracy, and, in extreme case, may cause serious damage. Only use PTL as a hand driven tool. 


Kit includes:
1. 6.0 Nm / 53 inch-lbs. torque limiter
 2. Ratchet drive handle
 3. AICS custom 3/16" hex 4" long bit 
 4. Black color nylon pouch
 5. User guide


Suggested application: 
 AICS 1.0/1.5/2.0/AX/AT
 Rem. 700 action screws