Hoptic USA: Accuracy International AX Saddle Blanket w/MHSA Logo

Saddle blanket-AX

The HopticUSA Saddle Blanket for the Accuracy International AIAX and AIMC Chassis.
The first in a line of 1/8" Polyethylene padded Cheek Rest.
Adhesive Backing and precision Laser cut for a perfect form fit.
Each Purchase includes two Saddle Blankets.


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    AIAX Saddle Blanket

    I bought this stick-on saddle blanket to do two things. First, provide a more comfortable cheek rest than the hard plastic on the AX does, and to raise my eye to the scope just a tiny amount. It performs both functions well. I have no idea about longevity at this time, so I give it 4 stars. I was pleasantly surprised to open the package and find two (2) saddle blankets included, as well a two (2) alcohol wipes. One blanket has the Mile High logo, and the other has the Hoptic logo. Thanks for a nice, effective and inexpensive addition to my AIAX.

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    Great for extended time on the range.

    Fits perfectly, since the package came with two, I modified the second to fit another rifle with no issues making laying behind the rifle more comfortable, it hasn’t hit 100 in Arizona yet but this will make it easier on the face when the temperature hits triple digits.

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