Hornady: 6mm .243 110 Grain A-TIP Match 100/Box

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Many years of evaluation and testing by ballistic experts at Hornady have led to the creation of the new A-Tip match bullet. This bullet offers a huge amount of bearing surface, a very consistent drag, a very well thought out boat tail, and perfectly placed ogive. The aluminum tip will not degrade with heat and it also moves the center of gravity further forward. This tip also acts as a nose ring which creates slightly more drag but makes for a very consistent flight. The overall bullet design lends itself very well to not being very picky when it comes to seating depth and twist rate. 



  • Consistant drag function
  • Optimized bearing surface, aluminum tip and ogive placement
  • Doppler radar verified BC's
  • Refined design of the AMP bullet jacket 
  • Extremely concentric jacket and bullet geometry
  • Packaged with a polishing bag to prepare bullets for loading