JP: Roller Black, Small Pin Fire Control Package with Interchangeable Trigger Shoe for AR-15/AR-10

JP Enterprises
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All trigger sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded.  Triggers which have been sold and returned pose a serious safety risk as the functionality of the trigger cannot be verified by Mile High Shooting.

JP Enterprises' complete Fire Control Package includes their entire line of fire control products developed and perfected over the last twenty years. The result is a refined, fully customizable trigger setup with mission-specific versatility. With a quick and easy installation, you'll achieve all the benefits of a trigger module with none of the drawbacks.

This component trigger package provides a customizable trigger setup in only 15-20 minutes. It also features an interchangeable shoe design to allow customization and easy swapping of triggers down the road.

Package includes trigger with adjustment screws, adjustable disconnector, JP Speed Hammer, JP Anti-Walk Pins, JP Adjustable/Reversible Selector, trigger spring, two hammer springs, wrenches, thread locker, and instruction manual.

Armageddon Gear Revolution Trigger

One of the common trigger control issues that cause inconsistencies for the precision shooter is the lateral force applied to the trigger upon release. Instead of the straight-back, linear release that would be optimal, this lateral force results in a certain degree of horizontal dispersion or the "pulled shots." So, when their friend, Tom Fuller from Armageddon Gear, approached them with his "roller trigger" idea, JP Enterprises saw the merit immediately and knew they needed to incorporate it into their AR fire control system. Attached to a modified version of the JP Enterprise trigger design with its improved sear geometry, the free-spinning roller of the Revolution Trigger auto-corrects for innate trigger control error by allowing your trigger finger to roll to a neutral position. Once you try it, you'll see exactly what JP Enterprises means and why this is the future of trigger control.


Fully customizable fire control system for any application
Compatible with Mil-spec platform
Multiple adjustments ensure a perfect fit in even out-of-spec receivers
Quick and easy installation with no gunsmithing required
Reduced lock time
Perfect safety function regardless of receiver hole placement
The precise relationship between fire control components with no slop
Easily interchangeable trigger shoes

Spring Selection Guide:

  • Competition/Recreation
  • The yellow/yellow combination may be used for competition and various recreational applications with hand loads or domestic-manufactured, non-military ammunition. It will result in a release weight in the 3.0-3.5 lb. range on most receivers.
  • Enhanced Ignition Reliability
  • The yellow trigger spring combined with the red hammer spring will yield a release weight of 3.5-4.0 lbs. on most receivers and offers increased reliability for (5.56 NATO) or foreign-manufactured ammo with low sensitivity primers. The yellow-red springs must be used for any large-frame AR installation to ensure 100% ignition reliability. This is also the minimum acceptable combination for tactical duty (LE) installations and should be used only with domestic-manufactured ammo in this application.
  • Duty/Defense
  • The tactical spring set includes a full powers (grey) hammer spring (purchased separately) and a yellow trigger spring. It may be required for agencies that mandate a trigger release weight of over 4 lbs. This setup also ensures 100% ignition reliability on both AR-15 and AR-10-type rifles.
  • CMP
  • To meet NRA Service Rifle Competition rules of a 4.5 lb. release weight, the CMP spring set (purchased separately) includes the full-power hammer spring and a custom trigger return spring, which will allow you to tune to a release weight of just over 4.5 pounds to lift the NRA weights.


This trigger kit is usable with small-frame (AR-15), large-frame (AR-10), and PCC applications.