Spuhr A-0602: Spotting Scope NV Rail

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*Includes only (x1) wing nut.

The A-0602 is a lightweight rail for mounting a night-vision unit in front of a spotting scope fitted with a Spuhr Spotting Scope Ring. The rail is made from a single billet of 7050 grade aluminum or higher. The A-0602 attaches to the Spotting Scope Ring using either a wing nut – for easy folding and/or repositioning – or with two M4x10 Torx 20 screws for a more secure installation. The Spotting Scope Ring NV Rail also features a threaded hole towards the front, so that the rail can be attached directly to a tripod if so desired.

Length:  180mm(7.09in)
Weight:  67gr(2.4oz)