TAB Gear: Biathlon Elite Sling (Cobra Buckle)

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TAB Gear Biathlon Sling 


A solution for carrying a heavy rifle for long distances. The padded shoulder makes carrying the heavier of rifles comfortable. This sling is set up with a shooting loop that can be used in the same way as the TAB Gear RAS or standard slings for positional shooting. 

The padded shoulder straps distribute the weapon's load to both shoulders, instead of one, resulting in less shooter fatigue after long periods of travel. Having the load centered on the back aids in maintaining better balance when using two hands for other tasks such as carrying a primary weapon, or navigating steep terrain.

The integrated shooting loop (available on the Regular and Elite models) can be deployed to allow the shooter to rapidly sling up for much steadier positional shooting.

Both straps are easily adjustable and utilize a buckle to make the sling fast and easy to remove if necessary.