Atlas BT56-L: AccuShot LD 1/4-20 Lever Adapter Includes ADM 170-S Lever

B and T Industries
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The LD 1/4-20 Lever Adapter, our part number BT56, is a novel solution to mount a Picatinny Rail lever mount to a Shooting/Walking/Camera Stick-type monopod or Tripod supporting device that has a standard ¼-20 threaded stud. Once the BT56 is installed on your supporting device using the ¼-20 threaded hole found on the BT56, and is completed with a lever mount of your choice, your Picatinny Rail equipped Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun can be quickly mounted and held to your supporting device. This is a great option for getting added support for hunting and tactical situations where a bipod is not practical. The BT56 will hold your supporting device to the firearm for transitioning or relocation of firearm.