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    NEW: Spuhr Hunting Series

    Spuhr has developed their next phase of innovation. The Hunting Series of rings and mounts are a lightweight alternative to the renowned ISMS series. With fewer mounting points, less machine time, and a streamlined appearance; these new products offer a lower-priced option that's perfect for hunting and light-weight rifle systems. Users now have the option to choose a product with zero, one, or two interface rings to utilize accessories such as red dots or rangefinders. These interface rings can be positioned so that the accessory mounting point is at the 12-o'clock or 3-o'clock position.  







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    Drawing from the best names in the industry, Mile High Shooting Accessories has quickly become the one-stop shop for rifle scopes from names like Schmidt & Bender, Nightforce, Kahles, Vortex, Leupold, Bushnell and Aimpoint. Whether it's for hunting, tactical applications, Law Enforcement, Military, a PRS match, or benchrest shooting, we have a huge inventory of optics for sale, in stock and ready to ship. 

  • Scope Rings and Mounts

    A quality scope mount or rings is the important link between your scope and rifle. For consistent accuracy and shooting in all conditions, your scope mount must be strong and secure. Mating your scope to premium brand mounts and rings from brands like Spuhr, ADM, Badger, Nightforce and Leupold are a good defense from losing accuracy due to insufficient mounting. Spending a little extra on the mounts or scope rings can make a huge difference in your rifle’s accuracy and peace of mind.

  • Nightvision

    Whether it’s for night hunting or tactical applications, night vision scopes give you a distinct advantage when identifying and engaging your target in low light conditions. Brands like Flir, Night Optics, EoTech and more round out our selection of night vision scopes and mounts.




  • Binoculars

    For your observation needs, from hunting, bird watching, military or law enforcement applications, the right binoculars can help you see before you’re seen.

  • Spotting Scopes

    Taking the guesswork out of your long range shooting and observation with a great spotting scope. Names like Swarovski, Leupold, Nightforce and more including models with tactical reticles so a spotter and sniper can see targets the same way.

  • Range Finders

    You don’t have to guess, walk or estimate ranges any more. Just point and shoot with our selection of durable, accurate and easy to use range finders. Whether it’s for your next hunt or just a day at the range, you’ll want to know your exact distance to get the most from your ballistic calculations.

  • Accessories

    Enhance the effectiveness and service life of your valuable optics with accessories with Scope Caps, Scope Levels, Tripods, Cleaning Kits, Switchviews, and more.

  • Thermal

    Thermal scopes give you the advantage in no visible light situations. Particularly effective for hunters trying to find animals hidden in nighttime brush, or military and law enforcement that need every edge they can get. We carry brands like Flir, L3, and Trijicon to help you find what you need for the task at hand.

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