Spuhr SP-3026: 30mm Picatinny Cantilever 0 MOA 1.26"

Spuhr : SP-3026
SP-3026 "The Noveske Team mount"
Ring Size:  30mm
Tilt:  0 MIL / 0 MOA
Height:  32mm(1.26in)
Length:  140mm(5.51in)
Spec Sheet (PDF)

Most AR15-style cantilever mounts are 1.5" (38mm) high, which provides a nice good cheek weld.

The SP-3026 is 1.26" (32mm high) and gives a much tighter cheek weld than most other AR-mounts on the market, making fast and instinctive shooting much easier and faster.

The mount is designed for speed shooting in 3gun and IPSC-style rifle competitions and therefore does not have the bubble level most other Spuhr mounts have.

The Noveske Team mount was developed on special request from the Noveske Shooting Team to give them extra advantage in 3gun competitions.

10-degree wedge included 



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    Just simply a fantastic mount for a LPVO

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    Best mount on the market

    Ive gone through quite a few optics and mounts to try to find the right combination, height, ease of leveling and mounting, functionality, available attachments, weight, etc. For AR15 platforms, this out performs everything. Leveling the optic is by far the easiest and most precise. Its on par with some of the light 1 piece scope mounts as well, which is always a plus.

    I have a NF 2.5-10x24 sitting in it right now with a MRDS mounted 12 o'clock on the forward ring, with the lower mounting height (compared to the traditional 1.5") it puts the MRDS at perfect height to still obtain a cheek weld for both. Youre able to maintain cheek weld and still be able to look at your elevation turret.

    These mounts were really well thought out with every detail having a purpose. My only complaint, which is inconsequential, is that I wish it had an internal bubble level, like the rest of the ISMS mounts.

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    Spuhr SP-3026 for HK MR556

    I chose this mount primarily because it is one of the lowest mounts available for AR type platforms. It provides an excellent sight picture when mounted on my HK MR556 which like the SCAR, has a high upper receiver rail. I currently have an IOR 10x42 scope on it and much like the U.S Optics scopes, it has a large turret box. The mount has 2.8" inside ring width. Mike from Mile High was kind enough to provide me the dimensions and that sealed the deal for me.

    The fit and finish is second to none and mounting the scope is easy as the 45 degree split helps minimize tube rotation when torquing down the end caps.

    I ordered this item on a Wednesday and was at my doorstep Friday afternoon. Excellent shipping and customer service from a first rate shop.