Tactical Operations SM DB: 43" Small Drag Bag

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Same set up as its larger brother, just a bit shorter.


2 internal pockets (1 misc gear, 1 cleaning rod)

2 large exterior pocket [(front) with tie downs)]

1 large flat pocket 

1 suppressor pocket

1 stowable shooting mat

backpack straps


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    Well worth the $$ ... would not waste your time or money on the cheaper Chinese made bags. This one is clearly made to last a lifetime without showing wear

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    Good bag. Fantastic Service. TacOps 43" Drag Bag - MultiCam

    I preface this review by stating that this is my FIRST drag bag, for my first long range rifle. I have no experience with other drag bags, and have little to compare against.

    I ordered the TacOps Small (43") Drag Bag from the MileHighShooting website back on October 11th. Prior to that, I had spent a great deal of time researching various drag bag alternatives. I was looking for a bag for my new Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle has a folding stock, so I wanted a bag that could take advantage of the reduced length. The TacOps bag was one of the most expensive options that I considered; however, the amount of positive feedback finally convinced me.

    The ordering process and feedback from MHS was fantastic. Within minutes of placing the order, I had been emailed confirmation. Less than an hour later, I had received an order updated indicating that the bag had shipped. I received several tracking emails over the next few days updating me on the status of shipping, and my bag showed up on October 14th... three days after placing the order.

    First, this bag seems very well constructed. All material, straps, stitching, etc. seems top-notch... very solid. While the bomb-proof construction is great for resiliency, it makes the bag VERY heavy. Even when unloaded, it almost feels like you're lugging a heavy rifle around.

    The great thing about this bag, however, is the CAPACITY. I carry SO MUCH STUFF in there. I'm sure I can't remember it all, but here's just some of the stuff:

    Main Compartment:
    - Rifle (Ruger RPR 6.5Cr with Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27x56 and Atlas Bipod)
    - Tipton CF cleaning rod in the slot along the spine
    - Str8 Laced rear bag

    Internal Pocket:
    - Cleaning supplies (Patches, brushes, solvent)
    - Scope tools.
    - Extra pic rails, hardware, etc

    External Pocket #1
    - Multiple boxes of cartridges (usually at least three)
    - Multiple magazines
    - Laser rangefinder
    - Batteries
    - Rifle bolt

    External Pocket #2
    - Magnetospeed V3 chronograph (in its hard case!)
    - IR thermometer
    - Over-ear hearing protection

    I'm sure that I missed a ton, but this thing has MASSIVE storage. Your one-stop-shop for hauling stuff to the range.

    The included shooting pad is a bit small, but is definitely handy. Great for keeping your elbows out of the gravel. It does add a bit of thickness/bulk to the bag when stowed.

    I did have a bit of an issue stowing my Tipman cleaning rod in provided rod storage slot. The slot runs along the spine of the bag, and provides ample length for the cleaning rod itself, but did not leave enough room for the LONG handle. There's only a few inches between the narrow mouth of the rod storage and the external zipper of the bag... not enough room for the handle of a Tipman Deluxe CF rod. Fortunately, I have a bit of machining experience, and was able to cut the handle down in length by a few inches and relocate the internal bearings. It wasn't simple... so head-up to you guys with long-handled rods.

    The amply-padded barrel pocket provides great protection for the rifle's muzzle, and the perimeter zipper padding and soft interior material help protect my precious scope.

    The bag is expensive, heavy, and has a few minor quirks as described above... but is incredibly rugged, providing a great deal of protection, not only for my rifle, but also for a TON of gear.

    I would definitely purchase again... and if I did, it would be from MHS.