Geco Ammunition: 9mm Luger FMJ 115gr DTX - 50/Box

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GECO full metal jacketed bullets have a technically simple design that is favorable for production, making them especially interesting for shooters who engage in intensive training. The ogival form feeds very reliably, thus helping to ensure that the weapon operates reliably. The new handgun ammunition in the GECO DTX line delivers all the advantages of a full metal jacket shell and meets all standards expected of modern sports ammunition: this shell is characterised by repeatable precision combined with reliable chambering. The GECO DTX FMJ is therefore the ideal training cartridge and perfectly suited to dynamic, partially dynamic and precision disciplines. It is optimised for use with compact and full-size handguns, as well as for modern pistol-calibre carbines.


  • *Max of (40) boxes per order at this time
  • 50 Cartridges
  • 115 gr
  • 1213 fps / 378 ft. lbs.
  • 4000294179570